Hope you’re spending a cheery life
Taking care of yourself being sassy
I’m dreaming of you time to time
Imagining you next to me so happy

At times I want to write letters to you
About places where my mind is taking me
Worse luck you still live in future I’ve no clue
Thus I keep them safe till I find you honey bee

I listen to lovely songs, catchy tunes, best hits
Wish we were together dancing to a slow beat
You holding me close like my magic bliss
But tonight I dance with my shadows in an empty…

Secretly You were watching me
Secretly you were looking at me
I didn’t notice till I talked with you
I didn’t think I will ever end up liking you

You always had the power to make me smile
You always tried to made me feel beguile
You knew you can never be mine
You knew we can never be fine

Time is an unpredictable charm
Did you think time will do us harm
We tried to avoid each other
But coincidentally we meet each other

Sometimes you talked with me
Sometimes you looked away from me
I am always searching…

There are relationships like theirs and there are relationships like ours. A relationship beyond best friends and so close to lovers. It’s kind of a love story, where you can only find in movies and stories. The difference is this feels real. It gives so much joy and so much pain at the same time. We might not be able to be together forever. But right now I don’t need to let you go; neither do you. I can’t define exactly what it is. It can be too complicated, but it is so beautiful that I want to stay in…

He likes gloomy weather
Wonder how his soul filled with bright colors
He was one of the rain drops came from the sky above..
A beautiful one, I didn’t want to slip out of my hand

Roller coasters go up and down, so is the life
When it goes up our heart beats raise, When it comes down we scream loud
But when the ride stops, we smile crazily and stupidly at each other
That’s how your journey will be when he is in your life

For me… nothing nor anyone can replace him
It’s a dreamlike chapter…
Souls come and go from my life
But the sweetest dream he stayed and he’ll always stay

It was a beautiful day full of joy and sorrow. I know exactly how I feel, but I can’t really put it into words. Universe listened to me, got incredible news, got a great gift that anybody could ever get, saw the happy face of mom, received so many wishes and came home with the sweetest person on earth.
Can this day get any better?

I was happy and doing great by myself
Before you came into my life
You were cracked into pieces, hiding on a shelf
Only you know what you did to survive

I gave you a little light, a little hope
You found your way back to your old self
I found myself slithering down a slope
With knowing I’m going to crash when I meet the end

I wonder what makes you so special to me
I’m willing to do anything for you
Even though I get pushed in agony,
Crumbling into bits and pieces too

Life is an unpredictable…

Everything that happens, happens for the best
It’s all wonderful since I met the best from the rest
The awkward smiles turned to praising and gazing
The crazy world happens to be crazily amazing

You might be burning to ashes, from the fire
But tell me, all will be okay keep your head higher
Not to worry about a thing, nothing matters
Because you are there you won’t let anything scatter

Pointless lives distract me they break me
You pick up the pieces and calm me
Talk to me in all the sweet words
Make my eyes fill with happy tears and blurred…

You are an amazing person I met
It didn’t take so long for me to get
I will always love the thought of having you
You are a fabulous wish that came true

You are a person like the rainbow I say
Someone perfect in a very divergent way
The way you love your people so deeply
I wonder how you do that so sweetly

When you tell amazing stories
I always listen to them without any worries
I don’t need to think of any wonders
This feeling I can’t even measure from big numbers

I need to be there…

A fallen piece of star
Not belong to a green mountain
A Giant mountain
Caught before it fall and break

They did not know what to talk
They did not know what to do
They stayed together as long as they could
They just had a beautiful bond anyone ever could

They never were the deep secret sharers
but the mountain was the most closest to the star
Mountain may clash the wind can hurt
Day by day the star destroyed

The star knew the end is coming
She needed to scream Don’t let me go
She wondered if she ever did

Maybe we weren’t meant to be
That is why you with her not me
Maybe it’s your heart I can never win
The reason why I’ll never be your number one

The truth is I never make any effort to catch you
And she tried so hard to get you
Gee! Then you fall for her as I saw
And now you with her, that I know

Maybe that’s something special you saw in her
And you may never seen a thing on me as to you I was blur
That’s because I never show what you needed to see
Since you never…

Hasanga Uyanhewa

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